Bright Eyes - No One Would Riot For Less (Dubstep Remix)

death may come invisible, or in the holy wall of fire.
in the breath between the markers, on some black I-80 mile.
from the madness of the government, to the vengeance of the sea.
well everything is eclipsed by the shape of destiny.
so love me now, hell is coming.
you kiss my mouth, hell is here.

little soldier, little insect, you know war it has no heart,
it will kill ye in the sunshine, or happily in the the dark.

where kindness is a card game, or a bent up cigarette.
in the trenches, in the hard rain, with a bullet and a bet.

he says help me out, hell is coming.
but could you do it now? hell is here.

see the sterile soil, poisoned sky, yellow water,
the final scraps of light bringing new tears.

well wake, baby, wake.
but leave that blanket around you, there's nowhere else safe.
i'm leaving this place, but there's nothing i'm planning to take;
just you, just you, just you, just you-

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