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F: Oi whats goin on bruv?
C: yes bruv
F: whats..whats happening geezer?
C: yeah man.. i`m cool I`m cool
F: oi... I heard that new choon your playing ya know bruv... its banging... i need that choon ya know bruv
C: Alright mate..Yeah.. i`ll sort it out for you..Yeah...Thats not a problem man
F: yeah that ull be wicked man.. cos.. cos like... I got a few.. I got some dates coming up and stuff
C: Theres a cd down the cutting house.. just ring em up and cut it man.. its down Heathmans.. Transitions... Valve.. one of them places..
F: Okay..right... Can`t get it on cd no?
C: Nah mate... aint giving CD`s out man..
F: So i gotta pay to cut a dubplate?... Whaaat?
C: What ya saying bruv?
F: I don`t cut dubplates no more bruv... I need mp3`s (pronounced M P Free`s)... Vinyls dead bruv
C: what? (echoed) What you on about? your talking shiiiit..

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