Rob Dougan - There's Only Me

You're all I want.
You're all I need.
You're all I've got.
All I see.
It won't be long.
'Till sudenly
you'll find he's gone.

And you'll turn around and see.
There's only me,
from whom there's silence in your heart.
There's only me,
waiting patient to the last.

You wait and see.
One day your love will surely start.
You'll turn around,
you'll find when everyone departs.
There's only me.

You walk in the room.
You take you scat.
You don't turn around.
You don't see me.
I'll make hime go.
You'll find one day he'll disappear.
You'll turn around.
And find that not a soul is here.
There's only me.

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