Fink - Pretty little thing

When she leaves,
she's just asking
to be followed.

When she walks out,
all she wants is
to be led.

All my boys say
she's just asking
for it.
And I ain't syaing nothing.

(Chorus)She couldn't care less
Wearing that dress.
Pretty little thing
Oh no
Hot little thing
Hot little thing and knows it.
Don't suppose it would be cool if we hung out?

'Cause when you walked by
you know every guy

The way that your dress
clings on for the ride

All my boys say
she's the type to
fake it.
And I ain't saying nothing.


We could go out
we could go anywhere that you want.
We could stay in
we could do anything that you want.
We could do lunch
in Soho
or something.

'Cause when you walked in
all i want is
a reason
to talk to that girl
whose grace is so rare.

All my boys say
you won't get her
I ain't saying nothing.

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