Dub FX - Romanian Tour

Dub FX, the Youtube infamous, Woodstock star, globetrotter, and beatbox wiz is back! Triple the excitement, triple the fun, triple the clubs! Alongside loop genius Dub FX we'll have his very own Flower Fairy and the mad italian dubstep crew, Numa Crew. And if that's not enough, Bucharest prepare yo self for some chaos as Bong-Ra is bringing some deep basslines with him also!

Ok. That's it, these guys don't need words, they got the music! Rest of details, below.

10.09.2009 - 19:00 - Casa Tranzit - Dub FX session ; 00:00 - Gazette - Numa Crew + Marwan after party ; 20RON (including after party!)

11.09.2009 - 22:00 - Setup Venue - Dub FX, Numa Crew, Phoneme, Moondust (15 RON)

12.09.2009 - 22:00 - Fabrica Club - Dub FX, Bong-Ra, Numa Crew, Yuffa & Hardcore (25/30 RON)

XOXO, Basswise!


NaziChick said...

bai da' chestia asta nu se putea face undeva prin octombrie?sa vina si amaratii de studenti de acasa...dammit!!

Life on Mars said...

hihi, e prima data cand zic ca nu-s studenta si ma bucuuuuur:)) abia astept, see u there >:D<

Sunshine Sarah said...

raaau mai esti >:P :D