Modeselektor Ft. Sasha - Silikon

whether put your lamp? or whether to collect stamps
whether sip organic juice whether to get plants
where to go skiing either Italy and France
whether to go without or with your boyfriend Hans
there are many others sorts what haven't got a clue
they don't do pilates, they shoot up in the loo
they've got surround sound,
a Rottweiler hound,
and they don't want the Euro replacing the Pound.

Chorus: those two artists again

nouveaux riche
husbands kind of cheesy
left your father
he had bigger

full of all the silicone she bought online
matches with the butterfly tatooed behind
even matches with the belly piercing and stretch lines
now I'm not trying to be cruel in order to be kind

you should learn to stop when you've been offered his dough
sittin' in his limo to the finished studio
you had leisure, pleasure
with his little treasure
you should have known he'd leave you for that little hooker Heather

Chorus again, interchanged with:
should have known he'd leave me for the little hooker Heather